Why looking for your “Ideal Client Avatar” is bullshit!

I was reading a blog this morning and came across yet another reference to finding your Ideal Client Avatar.

First let’s really take a deep dive into what an Avatar is and see if we can correlate that in a respectful way to the people that you serve in business.

Are we talking about a hybrid human-alien from the movie? For some that could be a good benchmark but it does go back a little further from the 2009 silver screen box office hit. In the 1980 novel by Norman Spinrad Songs from the Stars, the term is used to describe a computer virtual experience. Richard Garriott coined the phrase back in 1985 for a computer game Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar. Moving ahead a bit, in 1996 AOL used “buddy icons” an idea which came directly from the PC world of gaming.

We are now moving forward into the computer age, yet the term Avatar is still being heavily used in the gaming industry and moving swiftly into social media platforms. Avatars are being used as a two or three dimensional human or non-human representation in a virtual universe. This novel idea that I can be anything I want to be in the form of a cartoon and represent myself this way to live human beings, created a feeding frenzy for graphic artists globally. The art work just could not be produced fast enough for the hungry avatar seeking mindset.

There are many so called mentors and sales gurus who are capitalizing on this phrase and insisting that you find yours. In fact the phrase now has been redefined and full fledge onboarding into cult like mindset: that if you do not you will fail attitude. The money that is being charged to these innocent victims is ridiculous! The trainings are being developed for yet another coined phrase by marketers who are marketing to the marketers.

I often ask myself “when are people just going to learn that their is no such thing as get rich quick!”.

In the end your “Ideal Client Avatar” just simply does not exist, but PEOPLE do! Real live human beings who have a need for your product good or service.
If you are still of the mindset that by attempting to find your Ideal Client Avatar is important and you still must go through the ABC-123 “has money” fill out the form, you really need to do yourself a favor and stuff that form in the garbage. You see in business anyone and everyone can be the next person you do business with.

Your time is much better spent learning about people and learning how to build relationships! A couple little tid bits to set you on your way, never talk religion or politics. Building relationships is a skill and more so an art. You see it is not about you! It is, however about the people that you serve through your talents and skills and the products you offer. If you make it about you and what you want, you will quickly find out that there are more people that will dislike you and not be willing to pay you any kind of money to serve your self-serving attitude. Ignorance is Bliss? Unfortunately not in business!

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