For years I have studied and became proficient in many areas of skills and trades related to the arts, engineering, manufacturing, communications and computers. I have often been called a Modern Day Renaissance Man.

I took an interest in becoming the worlds greatest magician at a very early age. I went on to create  Magic FX, a magical production company whose mission was to use magic and illusion to spread the message of “Just Say No”. Today I am no longer actively performing however, I am always ready and quick with a trick to dazzle and amaze. Here!! Pick a card…any card…just not that one!…LOL. If you ever needed to know how to saw a woman in half or make her float or even make a Lear jet disappear, I am your man!

I started my career in sales and marketing as a child. It was at this age I learned to bat my eyes and sell carnations to little old ladies in my neighborhood and collect their aluminum cans for recycle. Later I went on to study mechanical engineering and drafting which led to 15+ years working as an engineer in research and development and production manufacturing in the aluminum can manufacturing, postal and agricultural industries. You know that little blue rubber band that holds bunches of broccoli together? That’s one of my many claims to fame…LOL

I learned how to use the tools in my dad’s wood working shop and became very proficient. In high school I took four years of metal shop. Both discipline’s resulted in the formation of two companies, Mohr Construction Company and Metal Works. Learning every aspect of the building process used in the construction of hotels and residential homes, further improved my negotiation and contract writing skills.

In 1980 my sister purchased my first computer as a birthday present a Commodore Vic 20. In 1982 I upgraded to a Commodore 64 and in the same year I built a Sinclair 1000 which was based of the z80 microprocessor. Later I moved to the first of many generations of microprocessors, the Intel 80286.  That first PC sported a 40meg hardrive, vga 12″ color monitor and a 14.4 modem. We used 5 1/4 floppy disks and later upgraded to the 3 1/2 in mini disks. In the early 80’s I also sold and marketed software products on the internet for the video game industry long before the Internet as we know now ever existed! That’s right, back when web pages did not exist. Long before America Online, we established social media through dial-up connections and party lines, and had been professionally engaged in digital sales and marketing on those social channels. Here is what those early screens looked like…


I overcame my fear of heights when a very close friend who was an ex-Marine taught me how to rappel safely off a three inch tree branch that was not full rooted. I know right! Not safe! I did take his knowledge and further my climbing skills and turned them to the wireless communication industry. Oh yes I did! I got paid to climb towers, install antennas and receivers for privatized wireless internet systems. I even took on a job once and climbed a 250 footer to change a light bulb! My last job in that industry was a contract to construct a 250 foot tower and hang two antennas for the sheriffs department in Virginia. I have since retired my climbing gear for the younger guys in the industry. May you always stay double clipped. You see, climbing has never killed anyone! It’s the FALL that gets you.

In 1985 I signed up to my first Network Marketing company. I knew I was a perfect fit for MLM and also knew I was not going to go door to door selling soap! My direct up-line told me about a new product that was going to be introduced which was their home alarm system. I knew I had hit the jack-pot! We created a partnership and sold alarm systems and in the process sold a lot of SOAP!

I built some of the very first websites that appeared on the Internet and in 2004 I purchased my very first dot net. Much has changed as we moved into the dot com era. Today I craft digital products, campaigns, sales funnels and websites for Network Marketers, Affiliate Marketers and for General E-Commerce trade. As a professional/personal advisor, I take a personal interest in my clients by teaching proper social media strategies and campaign building using funnel theory that is simple to understand.

That’s about it for now! If I think of more, I’ll be sure to add.