A Modern Day Renaissance Man

Straight from the In Cincinnati!

My name is Charles Mohr. I was born on September 3, 1963 in Camp Zama, Japan.

My friends call me Char and I love to play!

Being a military brat, my daddy was my best mentor and my mommy being the perfect mom, taught me everything I needed to know in how to keep my house. Between the two I had the perfect parents!

On this day I am now 55. I look back on the years past and do not regret any of my life’s events. It made me a better magician, actor, artist, author, writer, technician, programmer, maker, humanitarian, philosopher and most of all a better man. My business adventures has allowed me the freedom to break through the corporate glass ceiling by owning and operating businesses that have further developed my skillsets in the sales process, marketing and sales.

Many who meet me on first acquaintance often confuse arrogance with confidence and self-assurance. In fact it is my belief in truth, honesty and transparency and love and respect for all things that takes a while to understand. Once you get to know me and get a feel for my wicked sense of humor, I am loyal as a dog is to his master. I am a truth seeker, creator and maker in many disciplines. I practice my craft every day from the moment I awake till the time I rest my head on my pillow. A mind is a terrible thing to waste and cognitive dissonance has no place when you hear real truth and understanding.

I learned that "thinking outside the box" is no way to be and I must become the Box Maker, so I did.